Friday, June 22, 2012


Soooo we have a new member of our family! She is absolutely adorable. Take a look for yourself!! I can't get over her.
Her name is KATE! 

The day before was Father's Day so we all met up at my sister's in-laws house and took some pictures, had some awesome Mexican food and talked about the baby making its arrival. 

Monday morning my sister went into labor, and by 2:04 pm she was born. She was ready to make her appearance. I was able to be there for this one. (with Carter, she delivered a day early so I missed it by a few hours) I didn't go into work because I had a feeling it was going to be very soon. And I was right. That baby was out so fast! It was so awesome. My sister did an amazing job, she only had to push twice. I mean, WHO DOES THAT!? and with no drugs! Crazy lady!

Look how small she is compared to that penny! 
(this is her "blue steele" face)

They named her Kate Nicole Mathews-I was completely SHOCKED! I had no idea that her middle name was going to be after me. I kinda started bawling.

Carter was so happy to start naming her eyes, and her ears and her was so cute!
And she loves to kick her tiny little legs. 

I'm so happy for them. YEAAA for more girls!

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