Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our happenings...this WHOLE summer.

Geeze. I know I'm sorry. I seemed to have jumped off the blogging train the last few weeks. Like fallen is probably more like it.

I promise, I'm back now. 

So our summer has been filled with weddings (Morgan's so over them). But for his sake, we are done with those...for now.

We went on a great vacation to the cabin last weekend in Bishop with Morgan's cousin. Met some new friends up there and had a blast just relaxing. I feel like this summer has been so busy, but with mostly work. Blah. 

Last week I had our free kids dental day/Grand Opening in Santa Barbara. Of course the 10 minutes before we go to cut the ribbon, rain drops started to fall. It was just my luck. But it turned out to be a successful event.

Morgan has new news. He was recently called to be the Sophomore teacher for early morning seminary. He's been teaching for about 2 weeks now. I secretly think he loves it. But still says, "ehh ya I guess I do alright with the kids." But truly, he's a great teacher. 
He has also lost about 25 pounds this summer. He's been working out at 4:30 every morning. Him and his friends are doing the tough mudder in Vegas in a couple months.
I think they are going to slaughter everyone. They are getting into great shape! He likes to show off his muscles now every chance he gets. But hey, I would too if I was getting up at 4:30. NO THANK YOU!

I also signed up for a little run myself. My friend Ashley and I are running a 5k in November. It's called the Dirty Girl Mud Run. You should look it up. It looks so much fun.
 But if you don't want to, I'll indulge you. 
So basically you run 3 miles through obstacles like tires, over fences, under wires through mud, climbing rope get the point. But the best part is that it's for cancer. I'm pretty excited for it. And it's something to look forward too! Plus it makes you work out... and when I say "You" I mean me. 

What's next for the next few months you ask?
Well we have some house projects we are going to start on including a new fireplace, ok just making the one we have look better, and making our driveway wider, and maybe a new pergola off the front of the house. He the list just keeps growing! 

But enjoy some of the pics from this summer to fill you in on some other happenings.
Hearst Castle in July with Rach and Tim! They moved up closer to us now!

We threw a 4th of July party...and it was the one day it turned out foggy.

We took a road trip to the Monterey aquarium! Highly recommended!

I got to hang out with my good friends from school-Nikki (who is preggers!!), Chels and Angela. 
How I love these ladies.

My boys at the cabin last weekend.

And a mushy one to end them.

Onward ho to this fall!

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  1. You guys definitely seem to have the work hard, play hard thing down perfectly! I'm looking up your Dirty Girl Mud Run now. I've been on the look out for something that you just described all year.

    P.S. How is it that all of the pictures of your holiday decorations, food, etc. always look like they came straight from a magazine?