Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekly Update

OK so here is my update on the diet situation.
I've already lost 4 pounds in the last week and a half!! I was so surprised to step on the scale and see the number pop up! Something must be working right after all.

For lunch I'll have chicken and either a veggie or a fruit. I stay away from anything ordered from a restaurant, unless I have too. Then I'll just get a salad with light dressing and chicken on the top.

The key for me is brining my own food to eat. I'll bring a few things because I know that at 11:00 am and 3:00pm I'll need something...and I know that if I dont have anything with me, I may result in getting a cookie next door. So I dont even make that an option for myself.

Last week it was horrible because my stomach was not used to eating so little food. But this week I feel a lot better because my stomach finally shrank down a little so I don't have that screaming I'M HUNGRY FEELING anymore. But I need to work on the water drinking for sure. I'm slacking on that. And the working out. I did tonight with my friend Ashley, but I haven't signed up for a gym yet. Still trying to figure out the best time for me to go at is.

So score as of this mornings weigh is:
4 down
11 more to go in 48 days

Anyone have any tips?

Also on a personal note.

I lost my little girl on Monday to oral cancer. I went home for Mother's Day last weekend and I noticed that she had a fat lip. I thought that she had an abscessed tooth, so I told my Mom to bring her in to the Doc and have him pull it.
So my Mom and Dad took her in on Monday morning and the Doctor said that she had developed very advanced oral cancer and that she only had 2 weeks left to live. So he said that it was best to let her go before it got worse for her.

 I'm heart broken.

I will never forget the little puppy that I got on my 13 Birthday as a surprise from my Dad...Sleeping with me in bed that night because she cried all night and I couldn't bare leaving her alone her first night.

The little girl who hated water, including the waves at the beach.

She loved to howl with me like a wolf in the backyard.

When you let her in the house from being gone, she would run through the back door and through the house barking, and I know she was saying "you're home, you're home." She did this even up until her last day.

She was always the first to greet me when I came home from college, and even after moving out to get married, tail wagging and barking "you're home, you're home". She never forgot me, even after I left her.

It took me three days to name her because I wanted the perfect name: Skyler.

I would come to bed at night, and she would be sleeping on my bed already waiting for me. I would get so mad because of her dog hair in my sheets. But she would just wag her tail at me.

I could go on and on.

I'm having a hard time writing this because my feelings have just been all over the place the last few days. But I know that she is cancer free in heaven, playing with our three other dogs that have passed before her.

I will miss her so much. She had so much life and love in her. She was like my own. She was literally my shadow. She was 12 when she died. But I know that had it not been cancer, she had at least 3 more good years in her.

Goodbye Skooty. I love you so much and I will miss you!!


  1. I'm so sorry Nicole! I hope you feel better and wish I could give you a hug! :(

  2. You poor thing! Don't worry, you know you will be with her again someday. (I know it does not make losing her any easier) love u!