Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking the Challenge!

Well I never thought getting married would make me look any different...well it does. In the form of putting on some extra "love weight". I have taken a challenge and decided that I am going to be strict. No simple carbs and no sugar. 

For someone who makes cookies at work for patients and drinks diet coke like it's going out of style, this is going to be a challenge for me. I'm also a "stress eater" so I have to come up with other options.

I have set my goal and a time frame of when I want to achieve it by. 
{I figured if I shared it, I'm held accountable to it. Hence this post.}
15 pounds by July 4th.

I did a boot camp for 4 months until the end of April that made me stronger and kicked my butt, but I did not follow the meal plan. So this is me, planning out my meals ahead of time, and trying to make a difference the old fashion way with eating good clean foods.  No "simple carbohydrates". 

This is in no way a sad depressing post...even though it kinda sounds like is just a way for me to hold myself accountable. So many times I try something and then an event comes up and I say "OH no problem I'll start back up again on Monday". Well that aint happening this time!

I started on Wednesday of this week. Weighed on on the home scale. Brought my lunch with me to work along with snacks, carrots, non-fat yogurt, chicken, celery, almonds, and an apple. And for dinner we have chicken and veggies from the garden. AND LOTS OF WATER ALL DAY!

This guy has been my best friend for the last 2 days! I should name him.

So I will post my daily progress and let you all know how this goes. 
{I'm crossing my fingers and I'm hopeful.}

And I have a hot cheerleader named Morgan rooting me on.

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  1. Good for you Nicole! I could never do it. I drink way too much soda. I lost all my baby weight by cutting down on portion size/carbs and drinking lots of water. You can do it!!