Sunday, January 16, 2011

A fresh start to 2011

So the past weekend has been pretty nice to just relax. This year is already starting to fly by! I can't believe that it is already mid January.

We got massage gift cards for Christmas and what better way to spend a Saturday morning, then to get massages. Ohhhhh it was so relaxing!

We have also been on pretty strict diets the past 2 weeks, no carbs no sugar on week days. Its been pretty hard for me. Lots of fruits and veggies. YUM (sarcasm)

So after our massages we went to Bodacious BBQ. I think I ate my weight in tri tip, but it was oh so tasty. We also went to Trader Joes and got Mochi!
Ice cream is in the middle of a dough outside. (We got mango too, but that was gone by the time we got home)
Morgan was in heaven.

The day was so nice out! The weather lately has reminded me of the long lost days of summer. We decided to walk down to the pier to watch the sunset.

We then went to BJs for dinner with our friends Megan and Eric. Had some great food and laughs. I love the weekends so very much. I hope this weather stays around for awhile. Maybe I can bribe Mother Nature with Mochi....


  1. we LOVE mochi! we were converted to it in hawaii! it's delish! so yum!

    im the miamaid advisor too so if you ever run across anything super duper great let me know :D Happy NEW Year

  2. OH great! Yes is it a wonderful treat!
    Ya Ill send something your way. Whats your email? I always check for good ideas for the girls.

  3. I love sugardoodle too!

    but i came to comment because i wanted to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MORGAN from the Drock family!
    xox Have fun partyin it up! :>

  4. Aw that's very nice. I will let him know you said that. It's mostly me that writes on this the blog, he uses the computer for other important things like youtube videos.