Monday, January 24, 2011

It is a Happy Day!!

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Well today is Morgan's 26 birthday! Not sure if he was super excited about it, but I sure was. I love other people’s birthdays…not so much mine. Anyways, the best part was that today turned out to not only be his birthday, but also Jeremy Phipps BIRTHday this morning too! What a great surprise to get today. Congrats Mat and Kate!

This morning he opened one present for work….some ties and nice work socks…boring I know.

Then today on my lunch break I went and picked up some of these beauties from a road-side stand in Ventura.

(Wish I had my camera with me to take a photo of it)

Then I raced home to wrap his other biggie gift.

(A side note: if anyone knows Morgan, knows he is obsessed with snowboarding. Dreams about it, probably would marry it if he could.)

I got him a snowboarding trick practice block by Aratik USA. Sounds riveting I know, but he liked it…I guess I did good. He was pretty excited about it.

(I love his face here)

Then we went to dinner at Wood Ranch with some of his closest friends. Needless to say he got the tri-tip. Surprise, surprise. But what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets.

This post is dedicated to you Morg. I know you read the blog in your spare time when I’m not around. I love you and hope you have had a great day. Can’t wait to spend more and more birthdays together the older we get. No matter how wrinkled I get, or how crazy you get about your snowboarding, I know the future will be full of adventures together. And I can’t wait to spend them with you. xoxo

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