Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Christmas was so relaxing and so fun. Morgan and I got to spend time with family and I even got a day off of work...amazing!

Lots of food, family, fun and CHRISTMAS!

Morgan and I were able to spend time with Morgan's whole family Christmas night. All 32 of them. Made for one crazy white elephant party!

Christmas morning we opened gifts together just the two of us. Pretty awesome if you ask me!
I got one of these beauties!!
A Cannon Rebel 2TI. I didn't have a camera for a few months because my smaller cannon died. i have always wanted a nice camera, and I guess I was a good girl this year. My Dad also bought me a smaller Cannon power shot that we can take on vacations too. So blessed.
Expect many photos to come!-probably good and bad.

And I got Morgan this...
I can't get over how beautiful this temple photo is. Now where to put it...
If anyone is looking for a personalized temple photo or any other church vintage photo, go to

Then we got to spend some time with my family in the Valley Christmas day. My nephew Carter was so stinkn cute in his little Christmas sweater. He is almost ready to walk. Still likes to hold on to fingers, but he is just about there. Crazy how fast they grow up and how you see Christmas in a totally different light through their eyes.

After all the gifts were open, he had so much fun playing with a plastic bag. A plastic bag. Just goes to show that the littlest things can bring so much joy.

This weekend we are going to Mammoth. Morgan's pretty stoked on life. I think he likes snowboarding just as much as me. This is not an exaggeration either. He is like a little kid on Christmas waiting to open gifts. But I guess if he were ever to spend more time with a woman other than me, I'd rather it be with a white fluffy mountain.

I guess Mammoth just got totally dumped on over the last few days. We'll see how this goes...I may have some stories when we get back...and some pictures. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2011 be just as great as 2010...better yet, even better!


  1. how fun, nicole! sry we didnt make any plans to get together everything is busy around the holidays... i love that picture of the temple. awesome girl. lets chat soon! love you!!! MUAH

  2. We need to put up our picture!!!