Saturday, November 20, 2010


So a few weeks ago Morgan convinced me to get three geckos. Me, being from a family of all girls, was not supper excited about having creepy crawlers in the house. I can't even kill spiders I have to have him do it. This is how much I can’t deal with them. Now having THREE creepy crawlers living in our house. Lets just say I was not supper happy.

Sooo I told Morgan that he could keep the geckos if he took me to Disneyland. (I can’t ever get enough of that place.) So he took the deal.

However we wanted to wait until they put up the Christmas decorations first, (which were amazing). So the weekend we were going to go, we held off. So today, on our 8 month anniversary and a year ago yesterday we got engaged, we went to Disneyland. Rain and all. Doesn’t sound too exciting going in the rain. But it was actually the best because it scared a lot of people away, so we got to go on every ride we wanted without a wait. My mom told me to get ponchos. Which turned out to be the best idea EVER! Also Morgan’s cousin Hillary told us about these guys on Craigslist who sell cheap park hopper tickets for around 60 bucks. It was a bit sketchy but SOOO worth it! We saved so much money.

To top off the night we went to ESPN zone for dinner. USC was playing so we thought we needed to at least see part of the game to show our support.

All in all. Awesome day. Soo tired (oh we went to see the premier of Harry Potter Thursday and didn’t get home til 3am, so still recovering). Such an awesome weekend so far. Thanks Morgan for supporting my obsession with Disneyland.

I would like to live at Disneyland someday….just saying.


  1. hA! Sorry for the SKETCHYness, but glad it worked out and you had a great time! We have friends that live by disneyland and they recommended this guy to us! Sometimes I can't help but be cheap... a deal is a deal.

    But the geckos should give you a lil piece of mind... they will eat all the spiders in the house! and all other bugs! :D And warning... they can ditch their tails if they are scared enough... that you are about to catch them :> Hawaii had geckos EVERYWHERE!

    I'm glad you got to celebrate and have such a fun time!!! Loves & Hugs

  2. you are a really good wife for making that deal!! I would have a heart attack but Disney is pretty good... I LOVE the lights. okay lets move to Disneyland. We can own the Castle and Minnie's house will be our summer home :)