Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Palm Desert...YES PLEASE!

This last weekend we went to Palm Desert with my family for a few days of fun. And it was so relaxing and it was the perfect weekend get-a-way...ok well at least that's what I thought. Morgan's not a super big fan of the heat, but fortunately for him, it was only 100 degrees. Last year it was 115!

Ahhh I wish I could have taken off the whole week to stay with my mom and sister, but I had to come back and go to work...ehhhh. But spending time with my nephew and my fam was great.

The tan I got wasn't too bad either.
OH and crazy but Morgan and I just celebrated 6 months of being married. WEIRD how time flies! Soon we will be celebrating 10, then 20...ok I'll stop. I cant think of getting that old yet.

He got me these beauties.

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  1. It goes by fast! You look like a mom in that picture :)