Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Vaca? Yes please!


Well last weekend we headed down to San Diego with two other couples, perry & ashley and megan & eric. What a weekend! We headed down Friday night after everyone got off work, through the traffic and all. Stopped off at a restaurant in Long Beach...eric got brisket and did not like the way it tasted so he made sure to tell everyone in the place. Pretty funny.

Then we got to the hotel, which we thought was going to be delightful. WRONG. Carpet coming up, stains on the ceiling, we got the handicap room, perry and ashley's room was haunted, ours looked like it was broken in to. The list goes on. But all in all it became an adventure.

We spent the first day out at the beach riding bikes. It was a bit over cast so we decided to make the best out of it by riding up the beach and reaching a Mexican restaurant. Stuffing our faces then headed back. That night we went down town to watch the fight. Got hungry after so ordered pizza in and ate in our hotel room.

Sunday we got up and went back down to the beach. The boys and megan rode on the wave at the Wave House for a while and we hung out for a few hours, this day ended up being beautiful. Go figure. Then on our way back we stopped off at Dave and Busters for some grub and some video games. We were all pretty pooped out by the time we got home. Hit the pillow and was out till Monday morning...then work.

All in all, a great weekend away from work and responsibilities. Had a ton of food, many many laughs and got to hang with some pretty awesome people. Having good friends is such a blessing. Cant wait for many more weekends with them. Here are some pics from our adventure...

Palm Springs in 2 weeks with the fam! So stoked!

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