Monday, March 15, 2010


Sooo this is the last week before we tie the knot! So much planning and it is finally almost here! We are getting married in the LA temple. We got to go this past week with both of our families and it was an amazing experience. All those times we sang, I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday, and I finally got to go. So now the next time I go I get to get hitched to my best friend! We have been praying for nice weather because the last few weeks have been pouring rain, but next Saturday weather man says, sunny and 70!! YEA!
People have been asking me if I have been nervous yet, and to be honest I havn't been. I don't know if it will hit me later this week, but I'm just so excited to be marring my best friend. Someone that makes me laugh, makes me smile, will always have my back and someone to I cant wait to grow old with :)


  1. nicole i am so excited for you guys!!! It will be the best day of you life and try to remember every little moment of it!!!! Everything seems like a blur to me now lol...Are you wearing G's yet!!!?

  2. so i just saw your blog through ang's and can i just tell you i love that last pic of this cute!