Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Engagement photos

On Saturday we took pictures with Rebecca Nuss at the beach and it was fabulous. It finally hit me that this is really happening. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!... and soon!
We went to the beach that we got engaged on, and the beach we hang out at all the time. It just made sense to take our picures there too . Here are some of the pics!
So much is going on I don't even know where to start. Morgan is busy working in Ventura and my job is keeping me busy. The wedding plans are consuming our nights and Saturdays since it's the only time we can meet with the vendors. Our families have been so supportive in all of the planning. We are so lucky that we only live one hour apart! I could not imagine planning this being away from Morgan and from my Mom. I definitely owe my Mom and Dad a big hug after all of this. But it is fun planning and I'm looking forward to what's coming after this whole wedding is over...but I know that it will defiantly be a day to remember! :)

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