Monday, January 18, 2010

Doin some shoppn!!

So the past few days have been so overwhelming looking at prices of everything from apartments, to getting a family phone plan, to looking at getting a bed...blah! So much money to be spent on so many things! So blessed that Morgan and I both have jobs, BUT that doesn't mean that we arn't both choking over how much growing up costs!! But today we made a purchase that I think we are both happy about!
We bought a bedspread! After looking for over 2 months for bedspreads, we finally found one we both like, and that it was ON SALE! We found it at Pottery Barn online and I absolutely LOVE the store! I think it will match our place very well since the theme will be the ocean. AH I'm so excited about decorating! I have so many ideas for our place and I think it will help that we will be so close to the decorations. All I'm thinking about these days are dollar signs. :)

My bedspread at home is from Pottery Barn and it is similar to this but more "girly," I didn't think Morgan would want that I can't take my bed from home. Its a rule. And the Pottery Barn can be expensive, but they are defiantly worth it! I would recommend the Pottery Barn to anyone.

Oh if only money grew on trees...


  1. I would even like pottery barn gift cards to grow on trees! ;)

  2. You get to sleep under our new blankets this weekend. You excited?!?