Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How time flies!

It is now the second week in December...I can't believe it! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! One more presentation for this week and my capstone business test and then I'm DONE!

This past weekend Morgan flew into Salt Lake and Kate, Mat and I drove down and picked him up. We went to Heber, which is right outside Park City and stayed with Mat's cousin Ashley and her husband in their beautiful cabin. We are actually going to have our wedding pictures taken by Ashley. Check her out www.ashleyswapp.blogspot.com. Shes amazing. I'm so excited!

We also went wedding dress shopping and I got my wedding dress! I LOVE it! It's so me! I felt bad for the boys who had to wait for us to do all of the trying on and then the adjustments. I didn't get to take it home since it had to altered, but I'm picking it up next weekend on our way home. Don't worry, Morgan will not see it! It's so hard keeping a secret from him. But I know he will love it! :) I have pictures, but Im not going to post anything on here, especially because I know Morgan looks on here :)

We also changed our wedding colors and the theme of our wedding. Im going to keep it a secret on what it is exactly but here is a hint...and a really cool picture!

Graduation is next week! My parents as well as Morgan and his family are all flying in next week for the big event. I picked up our, (as in Morgan and I are both graduating together!) cap and gowns last week and they are both hanging in my room getting aired out. It finally has hit me that this is it. No more college. No more crazy roommates, late nights of homework, no more SNOW. But I'm so excited to get a permanent roommate and one that I know I won't have to worry about them steeling my clothes or food. It's kind of a bitter sweet moment. Here are a few pictures Kate took for graduation.

I was talking with my best friend today and she said, " I guess were growing up." Weird to think in a few months I will be living in Ventura, married and hopefully with a job, supporting ourselves. But I'm excited to see what next adventure I'm in for. But until then I have some work and packing to do!

Soon enough it will be Christmas...oh shopping!

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