Monday, November 30, 2009


Morgan and I are ENGAGED!! I flew home the week before Thanksgiving and Morgan surprised me and picked me up from the airport. We then started the drive back to my house in the Valley and he turned and asked me,
"Where is Tahigus beach?"
I said "Its back behind us, whhyyy???"
"Well I made something for you"
At this point I knew that something was up.

(Morgan and I had been talking about getting married but I didn't know when he was going to pop the big question.)

So we turned around and headed back towards the beach. We parked and I noticed that we were the only ones that were there except for the bright moon. So we started down towards the beach, my heart about to jump out of my chest, I think Morgan's too. As we walked I looked down towards the ocean and saw a heart in the sand made from candles. I could tell that Morgan was getting a bit more nervous. He started talking about something, not sure if I was the one that was not focused, or he was mumbling, but as we got closer to the sand I saw what looked like a million red rose petals in the sand with candles that were in the shape of a heart.

When we got to it Morgan said,
"Come with me into the circle of trust"
I almost started laughing.
So we got into the heart and he started his speech. I started to get teary eyed.
He asked me to marry him and I said
SHUT UP....or I mean YES YES!

From then on I have had a perma grin on my face because I have been so excited.

We went to Disneyland the next day with two of my best friends and had a BLAST!

Thanksgiving break was exactly what I needed! Family, friends, and a new fiance!

We spent most of the break doing wedding stuff, registering, getting all the paperwork signed for the reception site....soo amazing, looking for a place to live in Ventura, and of course the dress!!!

This weekend Morgan is flying to Salt Lake and Mat, Kate and I are going to meet up with him. Kate and I are going dress shopping, while Mat and Morgan go snowboarding...bonding time I guess.

I'm so excited to be marrying my best friend. He knows me more then I even know myself. The big day is MARCH 20! Until then, CHAOS!

Buuuut, I have to graduate first. 3 weeks!!! I pick up my cap and gown tomorrow, I can do it!!

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