Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sissys Baby Shower!

So tonight was my sister's baby shower at our friends the Johnsons. I couldn't believe how many people showed up! She was unwrapping presents for more then an hour and half. Maybe over 50 people there. So glad that so many people came out so support this fun time in our family. With close family and friends it was amazing to look around and see how many people care.
My mom made her a baby blanket that took her hours and hours to make. It really turned out beautiful and everyone loved it. That was just one of the homemade blankets that she got.
Things are changing so fast. Time is flying by! So many weddings, and kids being born I feel like time is just flying.
Leaving next Monday to go back to school might be a little harder then I anticipated...next time Im home will be for the squirts birth! sooo excited!

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  1. For realz! I cannot WAIT until you come back to IDaho. Its been so lame and depressing. Guess how many movies I watched today? 3!

    - Sunshine Cleaning (depressing)
    - Marley and Me (bawled)
    - Harry Potter 1 (classy)

    We can be depressed in Idaho together! Matt is going to watch football all Fall so I told him if he watches foozball, I'm hanging out with my coley! Boo ya