Sunday, September 13, 2009

School begins again, one last time.

Well this is it! My last semester of being up in Idaho for college. Tomorrow will be my first official week of school and I absolutely LOVE my schedule. I only had to take 6 real credits this semester, both capstones for advertising and business, and for fun a weight lifting class.
On the first day of school I volunteered myself for the Account Executive for our client who is State Farm Insurance. For those that don't know what an AE is, they are the person who makes sure that all departments of an ad campaign are working and are staying on task to get the campaign done on time. We are competing against another group in our class as well. So if the campaign lands on big deal.
I'm also working as a TA for my favorite teacher Brother Eager who works in the marketing department and will be serving as the Vice President for the Marketing Society. So even though I'm only taking 7 credits, I think I will be more busy then I originally thought this semester.
My best friend Taylor made the long trek out to Idaho with me and we had a blast! Today is her Birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR. She loves Idaho and we went out on her last night to Jackson Hole, WY and went to a bar called the Cowboy Bar. We of course got shirley temples, but the main reason why we wanted to go was to sit on the really cool saddle stools at the bar, getting in for free helped too. Man that was a night I will NEVER forget. We got hit on by both men and women there. I think we were the youngest people there by twenty years. We all danced with a 75 year old man, who was a very good dancer. We got offered a free round, and a lady named Judy from Michigan told us that we all needed to go to school and plan events for a living. So that is just a small gist of our fun night. Here are a few pictures from our adventure. This last picture is what I saw when I came back to my appartment. I have left out that Morgan is not here this semester so he sent me these flowers to made up for his absence. Not sure who Im going to do all my business homework with but thank goodness for cell phones and skype!! We got to skype last night for the first time and it was a bit bitter sweet. He is boarding a plane at the moment for Minnesota for 2 weeks of training. I think it will be a very busy semester for the both of us. Hopefully it will make the time fly by faster.

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