Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things Things Things

Ahh the joys of living in Idaho. EKKKK. In the last few days the weather has changed, the weather people lie! It's already freezing in the morning and it finally starts to get hot around noon, only to get cold again at night. The signs of snow are on their way for sure! But in the mean time I found this picture that makes me laugh.
School is moving along. I'm busy TAing for four marketing classes, which always keeps me on my computer since I get to grade from home. The business capstone is hard but I'm learning a lot as well as the advertising capstone. Weightlifting always gets me out of bed on Moday's and Wednesday's because I love the class and my teachers is hilarious! "My wife tells me I need to loose about 80 pounds, but I'm thinking Ill be good around 60."
This past weekend I spent three days in a row down in Idaho Falls at the mall, bored much? Kate and Matt are so gracious, they let me come over and veg on their couch whenever I want, which is kinda alot.
I'm now also serving in the Relief Society Presidency too. Which means I get to spend a lot of early time at church on Sunday's and with Leslie, the Prez. But I just keep telling myself, BLESSINGS.
This Friday is two very big days, my mom's birthday and mine and Morgan's one year. GEESH how time fly's when your having fun. He is still in Minnisota training but looking forward to coming home this weekend. There are a few stories that I'm sure a few of you have heard, needless to say he is learning a lot being out there. And my Mom, who is the best Mom ever, is having a special birthday this year, I just wish I could be home for it.
The "little squirt" is due in a matter of a few short weeks and I'm so excited to come home and be there for it all. I think a lot of people are going to be there for the birth of this little one. I think the name is the only thing they are not sure on. I guess we'll see when he gets here.

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  1. Lov U Coli, thanks for the Mom endorcement! You two make it easy.