Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm trying to stay on top of this blog. Sometimes it just gets away from me. So here goes my Easter post before I forget, then look at my blog 2 weeks from now and think "gosh why didn't I blog about that?" Happens all the time.

So Easter...

We had it over at our house this year for the Clarks side of the family. My family wasn't able to make it, but it was still fun to have everyone over. As we were cleaning the house, Morgan says to me "Its a good thing we have parties at our house because its a good excuse to clean the house." He's so right!! Sometimes I look around the house and think, "wow only two of us live here and we make this much of a mess?!"

So we cleaned. I had to work all day Saturday, so the cleaning had to be done that night and Sunday morning. But non-the-less it got done the 11th hour. And I was pretty dang excited to see my house lookn spick and span on Sunday.

Church was awesome. I always LOVE Easter Sunday lessons. We are so blessed to have the Atonement and a Savior who loves us so much.

So I had a million ideas swarming in my head from Pinterest of how I wanted to decorate the table and what kind of dessert I wanted to make. Sometimes I just get in over my head. Sometimes a little "crazy" as Morgan says. But I kept my cool this year and tried to be loosey goosey and not let the little things bug me or stress me out. In my mind I just see things how I want them to go, and when they don't I get stressed.

So I made this cake. It turned out pretty good. Here is the recipe for it.

I just didn't see the part in the recipe that says "chill for 3 HOURS in the fridge!" But at least it tasted pretty good.

And don't mind the frosting missing out the outside of the cake...I got carried away with the filling, that I put it on the top of the cake not realizing...that's where the frosting goes!!

But lets just keep that one a secret shall we.

This was our table. I tried to have a ton of color popping from the flowers to the candles, the jelly bean boxes and the round circles on the table runner. 

 I just really missed having an Easter egg hunt with a million kids running around the yard trying to search high and low. Maybe next year.

Hope you all had a great Easter with friends and family. And with a reminder in your heart about what Easter is all about. Christ and family. 

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