Wednesday, March 28, 2012

money, money, money.

Well, we decided a few weeks ago that we were spending too much money on insignificant things around the house and in general. Ok scratch that, we spend wayyy to much money! It's kinda disgusting and depressing. A little here on this, and a little over here on's been adding up. And now with our mortgage payment...yikes!

 So we decided to do something about it! FINALLY! I do have to say that we are not perfect budgeters yet, but were working on it.

First thing to go...Dish tv. Yes folks, we no longer have 400 channels of tv to watch, hence why I'm blogging instead of being a zomby in front of a tv screen. To be honest I was not thrilled about it at first when Morgan said he cut the cord. But I had found other things to do, like blog, laundry, cook, work out, read, sleep. Pretty cool and I'm getting so much more done, which makes this full time working wife, happy!

The next thing we did was refinance our house. Ok, that's kinda a BIG one. Morgan can take all the credit on this one. He did everything for it. (Getting a loan now-a-days is pretty impossible.) I just had to sign 100 pages of documents...(totally not joking about that number), and that was it! We are going to be saving quite a bit over the life of the loan, yea!! And the only good thing about Obama, is that they are waving the refinance fee right now. So that's a double whammy.

We have also been trying to not eat out for lunch every day at work. This is such a bad one. I'm right by some good lunch spots in  Santa Barbara every day. And Morgan is on the road so much, it's easy for him to stop somewhere and grab something quick. But I have been trying to bring more food to work, and Morgan has been able to eat more at home on his way through.

I've never been very good with money. What can I say, I like to spend. It's a bad habit. There is just something about the feeling you get. It's an emotional thing for me to shop. But we are hoping to change that this year. I know that in the long run, we will be so much happier when we have extra money for emergencies or our kids college tuitions, or vacation money. And we all love to go on vacations!

Does anyone know of any good coupon sites to go to for food shopping? That's the next big thing on my list. Mrs. Albertsons is getting to much of my money. Food is just way too expensive and I sure love to EAT!

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