Friday, October 14, 2011

Some people...

Ok story time...

Yesterday, being the biggest day of my career so far because it was our grand opening, turned out to be the longest day of my life! I have been working my tail end off at work planning our big grand opening of our largest practice in Santa Barbara. I swear, it was my 2 wedding. So anyway, I didnt sleep at all the night before because we got a sudden heat wave and my mind was racing all night long. "Did I forget to grab that? Did I confirm with so and so? What if people dont like the appatizers I picked out. What if on the mike I stumble and say a bad word?! People need to make sure not to bring food into the operatiories on the tours!"

Sooo I had a lot to think about.

So next thing I know, Morgan's alarm is going off at 5:50 AM so he could go surfing. So he leaves and I finally fall asleep. Next thing I know I'm getting a phone call from a random number. Of course I let it go into voice mail because who at work is calling at 7:30?! (ok, it does actaully happen.) So a few minutes later I listen to the voice message and its Morgan. He says, "My car was broken into at the beach and the guys stole my keys, my phone and my radar detector." I JUMP out of bed and run and put some clothes on and the next thing I know I'm racing like a maniac on the 101.

So here is what happened.
Morgan got to the beach, hid his keys and went surfing. He came back and hour and half later and a person broke into his car, stole his stuff, and thought that he should have a smoke in it to top it all off. Well MR! I DONT LIKE YOU!

So Morgan had to file a police report, tow his car (that was our only key), rekey his car, rekey the house, and we just went and got him a new Iphone4S....and we were trying to save money this month! ya right!

So by the time I got to Santa Barbara for work, I was already drained. But the event went really well. Everyone loved it and my parents, Morgan, my best friend, and mother-in-law came up. This is a photo of our staff from last night. We had a ribbon cutting, tours of the office, appetizers, gave away 2 dental makeovers, and had a spanish guitarist. I got home at 9:45 and thought I was going to fall over and pass out on the living room floor.

God works in mysterious ways sometimes. I don't really understand why this all happened, but I hope whoever stole our stuff, needed it more than we did.


  1. So sorry this happened to you guys! I like what you said at the end tho, hopefully that thief needed your stuff more than you did... always looking at the bright side! Also, CONGRATS on your new location!

  2. Bad morning!! Glad the event went well though

  3. Nicole, this is crazy....! I am glad things turned out for the better :)