Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh Saturdays

How we do cherish our Saturdays around here. We cleaned we played, we ate and we had a great day today.

We headed to the beach for lunch, bodacious BBQ of course, and brought Con with us. You would think that being part lab, he would love the water. But not so much. However today Morgan changed all that. He had him jumping head first in...after a stick. Con was in love and came home a sopping wet and sandy mess and a wagging tail.

For dinner we went out to Ojai and had a great dinner with Wiley, very romantic. Then headed over to a surfing movie premiere, since its the Ojai film festival. It was awesome and inspiring. Makes me what to take up body boarding. If only the waters in Ventura were the warm waters of Tahiti.

What's everyone else doing for the weekend? Hopefully relaxing and fun.

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