Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Shadow

I know that we don't have kids, but I really feel like Con is ours and was meant for us. We waited a really long time to get a dog and I know that he was waiting for us to rescue him.

He has been so much fun to have around the house. He follows us around everywhere, and is such a good puppy. Last Friday we had to get him "fixed." Poor guy was NOT very happy with us when we had to pick him up. He wouldn't event look at Morgan when he came to get him. But things are looking up for him. 

How cute is this little face!

He's back to normal. Fun, quirky and he's learning new tricks so fast. 

Its nice to come home from a long day at work to a wagging tail and little licks all over your ankles. (I love Morgan, but I dont think he'd be into that.) And when we wake up, he's there ready to be played with and loved. 

I really wish he's stay this little forever. They all say he's going to be huge. I guess he'll just turn into a very cuddly pillow. 

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