Sunday, July 24, 2011

And We're IN...with an addition!!

Well it finally happened!! We got our first house! I'm currently sitting in the living room loving my new view. It is so open and bright with light that I cant help but think how blessed we are to be here. 

We actually got the house last Monday and then all the mayhem began. We scraped the ceilings and took off all the popcorn. We then had to stay up every night after that and paint over the new ceilings with primer, then paint. WOW that was tiring. But both of our families came and helped out, as well as Morgan's friends. They are all soooo wonderful! The house is really starting to take shape, and I love it!

I just wish the process of getting into a house was a bit easier. WAY too many people are involved and it really has been the most stressful time of my whole life so far. Especially since we had to do this with two houses. But now it is all worth it. And I can say meet me at "my house." :)

I tried to take photos along the way. And let me tell you we are soo far from being done with it all but here are some sneak peaks of the befores.

Before-dining room (I'll put up afters once we are done)
My grandparents
Pat freaking me out on the ladder
My Dad and brother in-law working on the molding

The backyard
Before-master bedroom

Before-living room
We had a little BBQ after all the work on Friday
One of the guest bathrooms


We picked up this little guy last night.

His name is Rincon, but "Con" for short. I cant get enough of him. He is part Lab part Pit. This morning when I was getting ready for church, I heard him barking and I run into my closet to see him barking at himself in the mirror.  It was hilarious. He was found along with all of his other siblings in a pig pen in LA. So sad. But he is ours now and we love love him.

So that's whats happening in the Clark household these days...weeheww I'm so happy to be in this home with my new pup and Morg. This summer has been one I will never forget.

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  1. I love your house Nicole! (I wish we had wood floors)