Friday, June 10, 2011

It's all catching up with me...

Well I'm sick.
Boo. I think this is my bodies way of telling me to slow down. I feel like for the last 5 months every weekend we have something planned,  have to travel somewhere or have some kind of event to go to. Not to mention stress. My body just got too tired and decided to let a cold come in. I dont blame it.

It all started Wednesday morning when I woke up with a big lump in my throat. It felt like I had strep throat. But as the day went on, it slowly went away. But then came the sneezing. THAT was embarrassing. We had our big staff meeting in Santa Barbara and there's me in the corner, sneezing my head off. I started to get looks from my co-workers like "I fell bad for you". Ya. Me too.
Then on Thursday I had to meet up with an advertiser for lunch and then I peaced out for the rest of the day. I of course just told her it was allergies. But I knew. I had a cold. I then spend the rest of the afternoon on my couch with a box of kleenex.

So today I staid home from work. Honestly it has been the most boring day EVER! I think I have watched every show on TV. And Morgan's been gone all day at an event in LA and I probably wont see him until 10pm tonight.
So, if anyone has any good ideas of things to keep me busy, it would be much appreciated.
this looks sooo good!!

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