Saturday, June 4, 2011

Costa Rica!!

So we got back from Costa Rica last Sunday. Sorry its taken me so long to post...trying to get back into the swing of using technology again. We didn't take cell phones, didnt have watches, or the internet. At first it was a bit hard not checking in constantly to see what was going on. But after awhile I really liked being out of touch.

We left on Saturday morning. Headed to LAX and we were all so excited! Megan brought a little bubbly for the car ride down. It was great. The flight was a bit long but once we got there we were all so jazzed. However Perry was missing his bag. Somehow someone had taken his bag, and Perry was left with a bag full of another guys business clothes. Unfortunately we didn't get his bag back until day 3 when all the boys had to drive back to the airport from the beach house (3 hours away). But it all worked out. Speaking of the beach house...we got to stay in this incredible beach house right on the black sands of a little town called Parrita. It was all ours.
We stayed here for 5 days. This place was paradise! I can't say enough good things about this location, house, beach and house managers. Their names were Marcos and Maritza. Such wonderful people who really looked after us. The boys would surf in the mornings and then we would go out for the day and explore. Let me just say that if you plan on going here, make sure you get a car with 4 wheel drive and someone who can read spanish. The roads are horrible over there!!

We got some food at a local market and it was wonderful to make our own food, we got to save some money too. Mostly beans, rice, meat (they call it "typical" food). It was everywhere. And every morning we would cut up a pineapple and eat it for breakfast. I think I got a few canker soars just from that.

This was our vacation to just let loose and have the most fun in the 9 days we had. And that we did! After the beach house we then drove to a little town called La Fortuna right by the Arenal volcano. This place was spectacular! Our hotel room had a porch that looked out to the volcano. I just kept thinking, if this this erupts we are so screwed!!

I dont want to write everything that happened, but I have so many photos of everything we did. So I just want to share those and express how blessed we were to do this kind of trip. God really knew what he was doing when Costa Rica was created!

It rained every afternoon. We got to see some amazing lightning and thunder every afternoon.
The beach in Manual Antonio National Park
We hiked to this HUGE waterfall in La Fortuna
I love us
we went waterfall repelling
So fun and thrilling
We went on a tram to go zip lining!!
BEST thing I have ever done!

I was a bit excited to be there!
Until next time Costa Rica! We already miss you.


  1. Nice trip! Will you bring us in your suitcase next time?? :)

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun! Your Pictures are beautiful!