Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trying to be domestic...

Just to put it out there...I dont cook.
So I got off work a bit early today and came home to a hot empty apartment. So...what do I do? (Well...I should have gone to the beach, but I didn't. Dumb me) I turned on the TV and relaxed. Nothing was on, except the Food Network. Then I got an idea to open up some of the cook books that have been sitting on my fridge collecting dust over the past year from our wedding.

Can I just tell you, that it was sooo relaxing sitting alone, watching people cook and reading a cookbook...and when I say read...I mean look at the photos. (I am sooo Marge Ewen's daughter). So then I thought, I should at least try and make something in one of them since I didn't have anything planned tonight.

Morgan had to work late tonight. So by the time he got home, I had a recipe picked and a grocery list ready. Geeze I'm so proud of myself.

 I was so proud that I took pics from the start to the finish. Weird I know.

I don't think my kitchen has been used this much in a long time!

Does it look like the recipe? 

And the best part, the recipe book was from my mom. She got it from hotel we staid at our first night married. :)


  1. Yeah Colie, it looks delish! You are right, there is something relaxing about watching someone else cook. Want to come over to my house and make dinner?!

  2. HA how about you come here and we can cook together...something chocolate!

  3. It looks delicious! Good job Nicole!