Thursday, June 10, 2010

Workn for the weekend!

Where to start. Well Morgan and I are both work'n our tail feathers off. I guess it's a blessing and not a curse to have a job right now. But when the sun is shining outside and the temp starts to go up, it's hard not to want to leave and go to the beach. This is our first summer with jobs. At school, we could go to school in the morning and then leave and go to the lake or the
river, man we got tan.
With summer approaching it seems like every weekend we have so much planned. Beach house, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Bishop. We are LIVING for the weekends. Work hard, play hard I guess.This past weekend we went to our friend Rachel and Tim's wedding up in Oakland. So beautiful. Here are some pictures of our trip and some other happenings.

The night before the big day! We all went put putting.

I'll put up more once Rachel does.

And Morgan got a surf in at Emmawood

And Carter had his first swim. What a cutie.

The end...until next weekend.

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