Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well tonight Morgan got home from the CDA. He was gone since last Thursday. I planned on making him a nice dinner and getting everything all set up for him at our place. BUT half an hour before he got home, I got a huge migraine, even so bad as to make me want to throw up. Stupid.

So being the wonderful guy he is he came home and nursed me back.

We made dinner together, which was probably better then me doing it alone, and went down to the beach after. O how we really love the beach! We love it so much our whole place is decorated from the beach. Once we got to the beach we were dressed in normal clothes, (jeans, jackets, me in uggs) and were going to walk along the beach, but we looked over in front of one of the houses and saw two aderondike chairs sitting all alone. The house lights were all turned off so we thought, "don't mind if we do!"

It was so nice to just sit on the beach and chat and really feel blessed for living in such a wonderful place. It was so quiet down there, just the two of us sitting talking. No cars. No other people. No rowdy surfers. Just the two of us sitting in our "borrowed" chairs. When we left we made sure to thank the house for letting us borrow their chairs.

AH the beach. How amazing you are. I can't wait to get to know you more in the next few months of summer.

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