Sunday, April 11, 2010

Live'n the Dream

Well let me just start off and say how amazing it feels to be married. I know that so many people say that to you...especially when you get engaged, but its so much more then I ever thought. Being able to go to your best friend to talk about anything and they will listen and comfort and love you no matter THAT is the best feeling. Not only that, but my husband will always make me laugh and make me feel special. Now THAT is awesome.

Our little place is slowly coming together. It's not so much a room by room thing, but just one piece at a time. Yesterday I went shopping with a girlfriend and I purchased these at Pottery Barn

We got the ones with the stars. I think I'm in love with them. And Morgan likes them too, yea! Once we put them up Ill take some pics.

Having a little place of our own is so much fun. I can decorate the way I want to, but the only part that sucks is paying for it. Pottery Barn has some amazing things that go sooo perfectly in our place. Using some of our gift cards from the wedding has been so much fun, I'm just worried that they will run out sooner then I think...bummer.

OK so here are some other ideas that I LOVE from there...I just need to get a part time job there, too bad the closest one is in Thousand Oaks.

Well for now, it's just wishful thinking I guess.

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