Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little new

So I'm finally getting a blog. Kinda slow on getting one since I'm on facebook but on here I can let yall know what's really going on with me. 

Well tomorrow I'm off to LA for one last day in California before I go back to Idaho for my last year. Very excited I might add. I graduate in December and could not be more freaked out and excited at the same time! 

Some new and exciting news is that my sister is preggers! I could not be a more thrilled to be an Aunt! She has a few more weeks until we find out what it is yet. October 15 is the big day. I will for sure have a flight home for that one!!

Last week my good friends Kaitlan and John got married in the San Diego temple. It was so gorgeous and it was about time. 6 months in the making. Congrats!

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