Monday, November 12, 2012

Wow friends....

OK so the title...I know...It's been awhile.

I can now officially say that I FAIL at blogging. Like I get a big fat "F" on that test.

Things around these parts in the Clark house have just been a little shall we say....insane. Ok well that's a lie, my life has been insane. There really is no excuse for me not to be blogging, I've just not had the time or energy. Once I come home from work...being on the computer all day, jumping on and writing some more has not sounded so fun to me.

However, I'm trying to turn a leaf here and start again. No excuses

So here we go.

The last few months in a nut shell.

In October we both have been working quite a bit, and more on the weekends too. On the 13th,  I helped put on a Juvenile Diabetes Walk in Santa Barbara for work. A lot of work, but the pay off was worth it. So many families there and over $100,000 raised for type 1 diabetes.

Then my good friend Ashley and I put on a baby shower for my good friend Megan. Her husband works at a golf corse and the house we had the shower at had a mini putting green, it was destiny that we had a little girls golf themed shower. Oh ya, she was preg with a girl. 

I think this was the most fun I've ever had putting on a party. 

sorry for odd color in photos, I havn't mastered the "taking nice photos at night setting on my camera"

And now she has a very adorable little one named Maya. Gahhhh all these cute little babies being born!!

For Halloween, Con and I were home this year to pass out candy to our trick or treaters. Great night to find out your doorbell doesn't work eh?!

And then finally last weekend my same friend Ashley and I did a 5k Dirty Girl mud run. It was an awesome experience, very dirty, but very fun too. Next year we will be doing it again for sure! And I think all the proceeds went to breast cancer research. So really it's a win win. Me getting off the couch and working out, and the money going to a wonderful cause.

Before-our team Annie's Army. 
A friend put the team together. Her Aunt just passed away from breast cancer a few months ago.

After- you cant really tell but I'm covered in mud.

And in "training" for this little run, I hit my goal weight. Finally. Now back to that halloween candy....haha but no, really. 

Now that you are up to speed on my life, tell me about yours. I'm sick of talking about myself.

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