Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Turkey Day

Well today's the day after the largest party I have ever put on at my far. Yup 13 for dinner for Thanksgiving and I think it went pretty swell if I do say so myself! (Almost had a small fire...leftover almonds at the bottom of the oven. Should have been more careful) My parents, sister and her fam came early to help make the turkey and fixns, and we took some Christmas photos too.

Dinner was supposed to be at 5, but really, when do things ever start on time? We took the bird out of the refrigerator and it was still frozen inside...and when I say frozen, I mean like literally 32 degrees in the center. I almost had a heart attack on kitchen floor. How was I supposed to serve a half frozen turkey for 13!! Thoughts started running through my head like "Ok plan B, I have some chicken in the refrigerator, or I can run and get tri-tip" But luckily my parents came to the rescue and soaked the chicken the old fashion way in the sink with warm water. Then after 5 hours of cooking the bird was finally done at 6:00.

I stole some recipes from this website for the cranberry punch and the cinnamon almonds that turned out AWESOME!! Highly recommend the recipes for both!

Now bare with me for a boat load of photos.
Awesome, cinnamon toasted almonds. Our house smelled like Christmas! I'm in love

Seriously, this punch is the best! 

I put the almonds on the table as turkey day favors

Con got some lovn on Thanksgiving too

This is a preview to our Christmas cards

Name tags with easy

My awesomely talented parents

Morgan preparing the half frozen turkey

Dad was teaching me how to properly cut the turkey

While the women cooked, the men built a work bench for Morgan's garage...

It came out lookn legit and golden!

Our table scape. Loved all the fresh fruit my mom brought.

Sissy and Carter

Con found the best spot in the house for some scraps, I think he got quite a bit.

I feel so truly blessed and loved this Thanksgiving. I have an unbelievable supportive family and such great friends. A Heavily Father that loves me and knows me so well. I truly love this time of the year that makes us reflect on what really matters.

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