Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OH Christmas is coming!

I love how where ever I go, I see something that has to do with Christmas. Trees, ornaments, wreaths, packages, shopping lists.
I'm just thinking to myself, "get me through Thanksgiving first!" We are hosting our first Thanksgiving at our house this year for 15. Nervous? Mmm a little. But we have made assignments to family members to bring a little something, I love delegating.

Back to Christmas.

So I got the Anthropologie catalog today in the mail and I think squealed a little out loud when I saw it. I know most of those things are never in my price range, but hey its always nice to dream right? Here are some of the things I saw that may or may not be seen on my Christmas list this year.

 Wow trend in black going on here.

 ok that's better.

 How AMAZING is this bed?! I want/NEED it! 
It's nice to dream sometimes isn't it?!

OK. So if Morgan asks you what I would like, just point him in this direction please. Thanks.

What are you dreaming of for Christmas?  Anything fun?

But on a more serious note. 
We have been getting news of family members getting diagnosed with cancer a lot recently. So sad to think that a thing like cancer can have such an effect on people and families.
 Please cherish your families this Christmas and Thanksgiving season. 


  1. that bed is amazing... I'm pretty sure that I NEED it too :)

  2. A man can not sleep under a bedspread like that