Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I LOVE my husband

the past few months have been pretty stressful for me in my job. things are a bit more chaotic with events and seminars that i have been completely exhausted. this year for my birthday i didnt have anything planned since it fell on a monday. just another day at work. i didnt really ask for anything since i got what i really wanted to christmas....my camera. so valentines day was just going to be another day for morgan and i.
saturday i had our free dental day and morgan got called in to work a booth in LA. so we were both a little bummed that we were both working on a saturday. but we were able to be at my parents saturday night for a little birthday party for me, my dad and my grandma. we kinda dominate the month of february. well that night morgan says, "im an idiot, i forgot my laptop at the hotel in LA. we'll have to run back sunday night for it. while were down there we can have dinner with dan and brittany." so me...trying not to make a big deal says OK fine.

so we left my parents, made a pit stop at his parents for a birthday gift from his parents and we were on our way to LA. so on our way dan calls and says we were going to meet them at his cousins. so we keep heading down, hit the 5 and come to a dead stop in traffic. i was getting a little irritated, and said i wished i brought some jeans since we were going to have dinner with dans cousins (i was in pjs) and morgan says "well thats not a problem i have them, i actually have all your clothes" to my surprise i started asking a million questions. he then says "and we are not going to dinner, and we are not going home tonight. we're going to DISNEYLAND tomorrow. we are staying in a hotel tonight and i took the day off for you tomorrow." i started crying i was so happy and shocked.

you must know that i find out everything. i even knew that morgan was purposing last year. i figure these things out. but THIS was something i NEVER saw coming.

our trip was AWESOME. we got a suite at the Marriott and perry and ashley were even down there. so yesterday, for my birthday, i got to spend it in the happiest place on earth with my wonderfully amazing hubby. it was exactly what i needed.

thank you morgan for making this birthday the best yet! you are one amazing guy. xoxox
Happy Valentines Day

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