Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th

This year for the 4 of July, Morgan and I went up to my house for the long weekend. It was such a blast to see my friends and throw a bon fire at our locals spot on the beach. All weekend it was sunshine and friends and family. Oh and some FUN. I love the 4 of July, and its always fun when you get to spend it with the most important people in your life. See...I havn't been home for this holiday for 5 years. The 4 of July for me was a big holiday and to be 1100 miles away from the closest people in my life was so hard for 5 years. So being home this weekend to see all those important people really made me happy. Here are some photos. And this year I got to add another important person, Morgan. Sappy I know, but true

We have added another to our group, Danielle (soon to be) BECKER! So excited for David and Danielle

My two amazing best friends. Taylor and Leslie.

My Momma and I hangn at the pool
Carter made it on to grampas shoulders already at 8 months. What a cute nephew I have...

Soo happy to have been home this past weekend. This weekend we are headed to Bishop with Morgan’s family for some relaxation and some fishn at the cabin.
I love summers

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