Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Halloween Sprit is alive!!
Well the snow has come and gone. YUCK! At least it didn't stay I guess.

I'm trying to take a positive approach on life out here, trying. School is so hectic that I can't contain my excitement for when I get to go home for my sister to have her baby. "He" is due (I say He because they don't have a name yet) on next Thursday the 15. I think Danielle is soo ready for the little one to be out as much as I am.
After she has the baby, I'm flying to Arizona for my good friend Sarah's wedding on the 24th. It will be a good reunion to see everyone again. Plane tickets this semester have been a pretty say the least. I wish I lived closer to Idaho rather than three states over!
Speaking of school my job have been fun and yesterday we got our clients for our business capstone class. My client is INL (Idaho National Laboratories). We get to do FREE consulting for them, so thrilled, NOT. Between meetings for State Farm and the Marketing Society, I get to talk to Morgan on the phone and see Kate and Matt. We have created movie's pretty much every night.
Last night we watched Hocus Pocus, one of my all time favs!! It gave me the idea to be Sarah, one of the Sanderson sisters, for Halloween! So excited. I'm going to attempt to create a costume.

Well see...

Speaking of Halloween, I'm so excited this year. My Mom has already had the house decorated for a few weeks now. I think she passed the love for a Halloween on to me!! I'm excited to carve pumpkins and eat lots of goodies while being dressed up. O joy!!


  1. You think you can out-do last year's pumpkin? That one was pretty good. No CLEAVAGE on that costume, otherwise it looks wonderful. You'll make a wonderful witch.

  2. Our pumpkins will be amazing! Don't worry morgan... you can be in ichat when we carve em!!

    Oh and Nicole... please don't say you wish you lived closer to Idaho. Our ultimate goal is to live as far away from this state as possible! haha!

    Love our movie nights and my naps

  3. Fun blog Nicole! Hope you are having fun during your last semester of school. Morgan mentioned you might be driving through again, hope you guys stop by!